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Make-up for Brides

August 24, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Make-up for brides on that special day


You may be asking yourself, what does a man know about women's make-up.  Well for most men and me in particular - very little.  Having said that I have heard that there are some men who do??? However, as a professional wedding photographer responsible for capturing those stunning images of the bride I do know a thing or two about make up with regards to photography.  I offer this blog as something to consider as a bride to be or indeed, a bride’s maid.

The photographer should do all he/she can to capture great images from the wedding, especially the bride and close members.  Brides are fastidious about how they look, especially their skin.  Most wedding dresses show a lot of skin, especially the shoulders so skin tones for a photographer is paramount.  This should not be a problem for the photographer but there are a few things that can seriously frustrate that process.

Too much make -up is one of the key issues, especially the foundation.  If too much is applied your face will change colour, and in certain light it can have a very detrimental effect on the end photograph.  I have found that this creates an issue with colour balance, especially between bride and groom as they are usually very close on this event.  It can also be an issue with bride’s maids and other group members who are not waring make -up.  The photograph of the bride and her mum, (who is most likely to have less makeup on), can look very strange if the bride has over done it with the foundation.

The Fake Tan.  The fake tan can be a shop-stopper if overdone.  If applied indoors under fluorescent lighting the results will be different when you go out into daylight or even worse, when camera flash is used indoors.  If too much is applied you can appear orange.   Also remember the above about other members in your photographs, especially the brides mum.  Fake Tan and foundation are usually different colours so shoulders are one colour and faces are another.

I do not mean to be a kill-joy and I can appreciate that a bride will want to look her best on the day but please consider your make-up on your special day or you could be the odd one out.

Most brides have beauty within but that is just me



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